Pip Russell

Children's entertainer and innovator

2018 QLD Local Hero

A much-loved host of national children’s television, Philippa Russell traded in commercial TV to launch a program that transforms the hospital for children. Juiced TV – the first program of its kind, is made by the kids in hospital, for the kids in hospital. Using her experience gained on programs like Toasted TV and Totally Wild, Pip and her team create a weekly, 25-minute TV program which helps normalise the hospital experience. Patients and their siblings have the chance to star in their own TV show, sharing patient journey’s and featuring animal encounters, sports and interviews with favourite idols. Since launching in January 2015 at Queensland’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, more than 1,850 patients and their families have participated in the show, and over 2.4 million people have viewed the program on YouTube. In 2018, Pip takes the next step towards fulfilling her vision for Juiced TV to touch the lives of every child in hospital across the country, as the program launches its regional service in hospitals throughout Queensland.