Michael Stringer OAM

Emergency services volunteer

2007 NSW Local Hero

Michael Stringer has performed nearly 900 rescue missions over his thirty-three years volunteering with the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol and the Marine Rescue Council. He and his crews have been responsible for more than 260 life saving rescues and another 1,800 Australians have been directly assisted in marine rescue situations. It’s estimated that he has personally contributed well over 45,000 unpaid hours. He remains a tireless advocate of recognition for all emergency service volunteers. An example of the innovative way he operates was seen in the 1994 bushfires, when he converted pumps on board marine lifeboats into water borne pumping facilities to fight fires on the Pittwater foreshores. Apart from his significant contribution to Australian emergency services, Michael has also written books and articles on Australian history, agriculture, transport, and computing. At 68, he continues to perform rescue missions and train rescue crews. He’s also said to be a great cook.