Michael Milton OAM

Speed skier

2007 ACT Australian of the Year

Michael Milton says that having only one leg is not an obstacle, it’s just part of who he is. In April 2006, in France, Michael set a new open Australian speed skiing record, clocking an amazing 213.65km/hr. He is now the fastest Australian skier ever and first person ever with a disability to ski over 200km/hr. He is a twelve times gold medallist in six Paralympics and six World Championships, and a champion for children’s charities. Michael has been skiing the slopes since he was three and doing it on one leg since he lost the other one to bone cancer when he was nine. His achievements between then and now are truly remarkable. He was a Paralympian at fourteen. At the 2002 Salt Lake Games he won a clean sweep of all four alpine skiing gold medals, and that same year was named World Sportsperson of the Year with a Disability. Michael has overcome his natural shyness to become a talented public speaker. He has achieved at the highest levels and never stops planning to meet the next challenge.