Megan McLoughlin

Advocate for organ donation

2019 SA Local Hero

Megan McLoughlin is the founder of Herd of Hope, which promotes organ donation to the community.

The charity sought partnership with the University of South Australia to capture the need for mental health services for those regionally based affected by the cause.

Serious medical complications left Megan legally blind. Shortly after, she found herself with acute renal failure, she was given only weeks to live – until a transplant saved her life. Megan is one of 64 women in the world to deliver two children post double transplant. This year, she has faced two cancer diagnoses, yet continues to focus her energy on improving the lives of others.

In 2018, Megan overcame numerous setbacks & held a cattle drive on Bondi Beach to launch the Herd of Hope. Recently an event held in SA raised funds to alleviate the stress regionally based families face when seeking accommodation in Adelaide.

Megan continues to inspire the community with a positive message of hope.