Leanne Liddle

Director of the Aboriginal Justice Unit

2022 NT Australian of the Year

Born and raised in Alice Springs, Central Arrernte woman Leanne Liddle has a passion for justice. As Director of the Aboriginal Justice Unit, she’s travelled thousands of kilometres to meet and listen to Aboriginal communities across the Northern Territory.

Leanne is the driving force behind the Northern Territory Aboriginal Justice Agreement, which, in partnership with Aboriginal people aims to: reduce imprisonment rates; increase Aboriginal leadership; and improve justice outcomes for Aboriginal Territorians.

Leanne was South Australia’s first Aboriginal policewoman. During her decade of service, she experienced racism and abuse that she fought and used to fuel her passion to make a difference in the justice arena.

Leanne went on to complete a law degree and has since worked for the United Nations, and in several high-profile government roles, before joining the Aboriginal Justice Unit in 2017.

Leanne is committed to empowering Aboriginal Territorians with justice solutions that will work where others have failed.