Kate and Tick Everett

Advocates against bullying

2019 Australia's Local Hero

Following the tragic death of their teenage daughter, Amy 'Dolly' Everett in January 2018, following extensive bullying, Kate and Tick Everett founded Dolly's Dream, to create positive change and a legacy to their daughter.

Dolly's Dream aims to raise awareness about bullying and its potentially devastating effects on children and families. It delivers community education on bullying issues and strategies for preventing and mitigating bullying, through cultural change and victim support.

Over 250 communities have held fundraisers and events to support Dolly's Dream, with a particular focus on regional and rural Australia. Kate and Tick's non-stop advocacy, meeting with the Prime Minister and Education and Health Ministers across the country, has resulted in governments taking childhood bullying and its devastating impacts more seriously.

Kate and Tick advocate tenaciously on a voluntary basis while continuing to muster cattle, train horses and care for their other daughter, Megan, from their home in Katherine, Northern Territory.



“Becoming Local Heroes reassured us that we were on the right track and gave us the confidence to do more throughout Australia. It enabled us to have conversations around bullying and mental health, and for parents to have those conversations with their children.  

“It also encouraged families and children to speak up about bullying and seek help if they needed it, even if their voices shake.

“In particular, the Award helped us to promote Dolly’s Dream in rural and regional Australia. To incoming Local Heroes, embrace the award, don’t be scared, get as much out of it as you can and enjoy the ride.”