Claire Foord

Stillbirth educator

2016 SA Local Hero

Stillbirth is a devastation that no one should endure, but sadly it is something that will live with Claire Foord forever In February 2014, Claire and her husband had to say goodbye to their daughter Alfie who was stillborn at full term.  Alfie was a perfect baby, with no illness or issue, but without breath. In the aftermath of this tragedy, Claire established Still Aware to bring attention to the fact that 2,500 babies are stillborn each year in Australia – that’s one baby every four hours. With awareness, Claire hopes to bring about prevention. Since then, Claire has bravely told her story to the media and driven a campaign to help people understand how stillbirth can be prevented by ‘counting the kicks’. She has opened the doors for other people suffering from the same heartbreak to share their stories and has turned up the dial on a long-silent subject in the community.