Andrew Costello

Charity founder and community champion

2018 SA Local Hero

A much-loved radio host and media personality, Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello uses his public profile to help people in South Australia and beyond. For the last seven years, he’s hosted ‘South Aussie with Cosi’, the state’s only travel show, which is broadcasted internationally. His goal is to expand South Australia’s tourism industry and inspire locals to appreciate what’s on their own doorstep. Cosi regularly gives up his time to help people who are doing it tough. He’s organised camping trips for single mums and their kids, and held a birthday party at the Adelaide Zoo for 100 children who’d missed out on celebrations through social isolation or illness. Cosi, who spent seven years as a pig farmer, is also the founder of Cows for Cambodia. This cow ‘bank’ loans pregnant cows to impoverished families, who get to keep the calf. Cosi has set a goal to raise 1,000 cows for the project, which would make it one of Asia’s largest agriculture charities.