Australian of the Year Trophies

The National Australia Day Council is currently inviting Expressions of Interest to design and produce the trophies presented for the Australian of the Year Awards. Click here for more information. 

For the past 10 years the trophies have been designed and created by Melbourne-based artist, Kristin McFarlane. Kristin was first approached by the National Australia Day Council after we saw her work in the 2004 Ranamok Glass Prize and we were looking for a unique artist who would capture the essence of Australia within the trophies.

The Australian of the Year Awards glass trophies are truly unique works of art and are designed to be a lasting memory of the Australian of the Year Awards recipient's achievements.

The trophies feature Australian symbols and icons including the Southern Cross, a map of our coastline and the words of the national anthem. The names of the award recipient are embedded in the trophy itself, rather than etched in after completion, making these trophies truly one of a kind.

Kristin's studio is located in Melbourne, Victoria. To see some of Kristin's other works, visit her website at

Australian of the Year Award trophies, designed by Kristin McFarlane, middle trophy co-designed with glass artist Philip Stokes.

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