Nathaniel Diong

Entrepreneur, founder of Future Minds Network

VICNomineeYoung Australian of the Year2021

Nathaniel Diong is an award-winning Gen-Z educator – unlocking the endless potential of youth, whilst tackling the unemployment crisis affecting 2.8 million young Aussies. 

Feeling helpless to make a difference in a world where thousands died each day, Nathaniel fell into clinical depression. Desperate to help youth realise they could make a difference, at 16, he founded Future Minds Network. Building socially-conscious start-ups, students solve big problems, practise skills for future employment like communication and problem-solving and create their own future jobs.

Over 11,000 students from 50 cultural backgrounds have completed his programs - landing offers at Yale, TEDx and launching non-for-profits sending 2000 encouragement letters to tackle isolation.

An international start-up judge at hackathons affiliated with the United Nations, running over $90,000 of pro-bono programs to support youth, and linking 10,000 disadvantaged women with meaningful employment, Nathaniel represents the best of Australia on the global stage. He’s on a mission to create 1 000 jobs in the next ten years.