Holly Scott

Road safety advocate

SANomineeYoung Australian of the Year2021

In July 2017, 22-year-old Holly Scott began a 40-minute drive to her boyfriend’s house but didn’t arrive. Minutes from his home, her boyfriend found her car wrapped around a tree.

After emerging from a 15-day coma, Holly had to learn to walk and talk again. As well affecting her speech, balance and vision, the accident shattered her pelvis, fractured vertebras, and broke her hip, tailbone and both legs.

Holly has used this traumatic experience to educate others about the devastating effects of car accidents. Her accident and recovery are the subject of a seven-part web documentary, ‘Driven’. And in 2019, Holly shared her emotional story twice with 8,000 people, mostly school students, at the RAA Street Smart event.

Holly continues to do public speaking engagements on road safety and education to schools and other community groups. She has returned to same brain injury ward where her recovery began to share her story and started a Facebook group to support people with a brain injury.