Alicia Beik

Businesswoman and migrant activist

SANomineeYoung Australian of the Year2021

Businesswoman and community activist Alicia Beik is passionate about migrant communities and affordable housing.

Alicia arrived in Australia as an asylum seeker and like most of the teenage migrants, she was overwhelmed by challenges and barriers. After working in various occupations, she found her passion for social and affordable housing. Therefore, she joined the Anglicare South Australia in Humanitarian Settlement Program to assist new arrivals with social housing inquiries. She witnessed the need for affordable accommodation and that motivated her to launch the Affordable Sustainable Housing Program (ASHP).

Alicia worked with academics, government, builders, and communities to find sustainable and affordable solutions for building new homes. Today, ASHP provides more than 200 affordable homes to vulnerable and low-income families in the city of Playford Council, for as little as a $3,000 deposit, giving these new Australians a place to call home.