Honour roll

The Honour Roll recognises past State and
Territory and National Award recipients

Local Hero


2013 SA Local Hero Nominee

Brad Chilcott

Town: Brompton
State: South Australia

Human rights campaigner

Brad Chilcott has gathered together like-minded people and organisations to introduce what he describes as a positive voice in the national conversation on asylum seekers, refugees and multiculturalism. Apolitical, he called his idea Welcome to Australia and it began as a way of connecting people through regular meetings. Now Welcome to Australia is a national movement of people, communities and organisations committed to the vision of a welcoming, inclusive Australia known for its compassion and celebration of diversity. It exists to give new arrivals a warm, dignified and positive welcome to their new home while at the same time offering Australians the opportunity to be involved in practical acts of welcome. A pastor at Activate church, Brad’s dream of a national Walk Together campaign was realised in 2012 when events were held in 11 cities around Australia attracting thousands of participants. Brad’s contribution was recognised when he was named a People of Australia Ambassador in 2012. Described as a ‘voice for the voiceless’ Brad is a dedicated campaigner for human rights and social justice.


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