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Young Australian of the Year


2012 QLD Young Australian of the Year Nominee

James Teh

State: Queensland

Software creator

As a young blind man, James Teh was motivated by his own computer experiences to develop software that would enable better computer access for blind and visually impaired people. James and his business partner, Michael Curran, developed a product that enables the visually impaired to access computers easily and cost effectively. After graduating from university with a degree in Information Technology, James developed a keen interest in open source software that could activate feedback via synthetic speech and Braille. Together, James and Michael developed screen reader software known as NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) and went on to found NV Access Inc, a non-profit organisation providing free and open source computer software solutions for the vision impaired. Mozilla, Microsoft and Yahoo have all supported development of the NVDA software, which can be run from a USB drive with no installation. Already NVDA has been translated into 27 languages and is currently in use in 150 countries around the world. James won the ABC New Inventors Less is More Award in 2010 and a Special Excellence Award at the Queensland University of Technology Outstanding Alumni awards in 2011.