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Australian of the Year


2007 NT Australian of the Year Nominee

Dr Nanette Rogers

State: Northern Territory

Crown Prosecutor

Dr Rogers has been the Crown Prosecutor in Alice Springs for over twelve years and has been committed to Indigenous and social justice issues since her days as a young solicitor in Sydney’s Redfern area. Nanette moved to the Northern Territory as a defence lawyer. The accumulated effect of defending men who abuse women and children weighed her down and Nanette became a prosecutor and coordinator of a Victims Support Unit. In doing research for her doctoral thesis, she identified the emphasis placed on customary law in placing the off ender in the best light, at the expense of the voice of the victim. She found that violence against women and children had become entrenched in many communities and that many crimes go unreported, the victims too afraid to speak out. Nanette took the difficult decision to release her findings to the public so as to raise awareness of this crucial social and legal issue.

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