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Australian of the Year


2008 SA Australian of the Year Nominee

Brenton Whittaker OAM

State: South Australia

Humanitarian supporter

Brenton Whittaker is the kind of person who simply can’t say no to anyone in need. Seeing poverty first hand while travelling overseas, Brenton knew he had to do something. Building on his altruistic inclinations from his Boy Scout days, he concluded that we are all on this planet together and those who are blessed with opportunities should try to make a level playing field for the others. He started Carry for Kids in 1995, using tourists’ spare outgoing luggage capacity to deliver donated goods to orphanages in South East Asia, thus avoiding hefty customs fees and ensuring they are delivered to the right people. Brenton’s roles now as director of Bali Kids, board member and project coordinator of the Australia Cambodia Foundation, and his support of many other humanitarian causes is more than a contribution, they are his life’s work and the world is all the better for them.

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