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State: South Australia

State Finalist Australian of the Year 2008

Dr Paul Downton

Ecological architect

Dr Paul Downton is an award winning architect who is internationally recognised for his work as a theorist and practitioner of ecological architecture and eco-city projects. He has worked tirelessly for over thirty years promoting urban ecology, both in a professional capacity and through thousands of hours of voluntary work. He is the architect of Christie Walk, a successful ecological development in Adelaide. Well before climate change entered mainstream consciousness Paul was raising community awareness about the need to reshape our cities to be ecologically sustainable. Indeed then United States Senator Al Gore said in 1992 that Paul was on the cutting edge of some of the most critical issues of our times and shared Paul’s view that the realignment of human civilisation’s relationship with the natural environment is the key to a sustainable future. Paul has been a persistent, patient and effective educator, both formally and through his extensive community service.