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State: Queensland

State Finalist Australian of the Year 2008

Professor Paula Barrett

Child psychologist

Professor Paula Barrett is recognised internationally as a pre-eminent scholar, distinguished keynote speaker, and groundbreaking researcher in the field of child psychology. She was a Fulbright Scholar as a sixteen-year-old and on arriving in Australia in 1986 worked as a psychologist in a variety of clinical settings and at the Migrant Resource Centre. At the University of Queensland she developed the FRIENDS for Life program, which has been recognised by the World Health Organization as best practice for the prevention and treatment of childhood anxiety and depression. More than 500,000 children worldwide have completed the program. Paula’s active promotion of self-belief and self-worth in children of all ages has made an outstanding contribution to the prevention of these conditions and, ultimately, youth suicide. Paula’s prolific writing, generosity of spirit, and fervour for research have had a significant impact on the lives of thousands of children in Australia and around the world.