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Australian of the Year


2017 NSW Australian of the Year Nominee

Dr Jordan Nguyen

State: New South Wales

Biomedical engineer

A biomedical engineer with a determination to redefine the boundaries between human and technological evolution, Dr Jordan Nguyen is designing life-changing, intelligent technologies to transform the lives of people with disability. After diving into the bottom of a swimming pool whilst a university student, Jordan was left confined to bed, fearing permanent spine damage. He found himself contemplating a life without independence in mobility. Following a lucky recovery from this accident, Jordan became dedicated to empower as many people as possible through both engineering solutions and communicating the possibilities of technology’s intersection with humanity. His mind-controlled smart wheelchair and eye-controlled vehicle, as just two examples of his work, are giving hope to many people with high-level physical disabilities. A TV documentary creator and presenter, public speaker for over a decade, and the founder of Psykinetic, a social business that creates advanced empowering and inclusive technologies, Jordan is working towards a superhuman future.