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The Honour Roll recognises past State and
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Senior Australian of the Year

State and Territory Recipient

2006 TAS Senior Australian of the Year

Dr Trevor Beard OBE

Town: Campbell Town
State: Tasmania

Anti-salt campaigner

Dr Beard is living proof of the worth of his own research into the dangers of excessive salt in our diet. Trevor is a healthy and lively 86 year old practicing doctor who still works actively as a senior research fellow at the Menzies Research Institute at the University of Tasmania. Dr Beard, a graduate from both Cambridge and London, was a general practitioner for many years before a career with the Department of Health. He heads "Salt Skip", a program designed to help patients lower their salt intake, vital for anyone with a sodium related illness, such as high blood pressure or heart disease. He has also published a book on the subject Salt Matters: a consumer guide and is available throughout Australia and the United Kingdom. According to one ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr Beard's program has helped his patients so much that they now need far fewer surgical operations. 

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