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Senior Australian of the Year


2016 SA Senior Australian of the Year Nominee

Peter Couche

State: South Australia

Stroke survivor

Two decades ago, Peter Couche was a highly successful stockbroker and father of three living in London when a catastrophic stroke left him a quadriplegic with "locked-in syndrome". Aged just 42, Peter, was faced with rebuilding his life with nothing left but his mind. Against all odds, Peter has survived and prospered. His book Lifelines, which records his inspiring story, took 13 years to write. The driving force behind the Peter Couche Foundation, Peter works to raise money to fund vital stem cell research and elevate awareness of the leading cause of disability in Australia. Despite seemingly insurmountable physical impairments – he cannot speak or move his body – Peter has shown true courage, resourcefulness and resilience when most people would simply give up. Seeing his role as that of an ‘agent for change’ rather than a direct beneficiary, Peter is dedicated to championing a cure for the 250,000 Australians who are currently living with the aftermath of a life-altering stroke.