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Local Hero


2015 NSW Local Hero Nominee

Dr Eman Sharobeem

Town: Abbotsbury
State: New South Wales

Women’s advocate

Forced into an arranged marriage to her first cousin as a teenager, by the time Dr Eman Sharobeem was 29 she had endured a violent marriage and was widowed with two young sons.  Determined that her experiences would not define her and inspired to change others’ lives for the better, Egyptian-born Eman began campaigning to improve the health, welfare and status of women.  She pursued studies at university, gaining a PhD in Psychology, a PhD in Management and Organisational Leadership, a Masters degree in Social Science and Bachelor of Business Administration. As CEO of the Immigrant Women’s Health Service, Eman works with many agencies both in Australia and internationally, including the United Nations and she has been recognised many times for her outstanding contributions to women’s rights. Eman’s remarkable life is an inspiration to all those around her and her commitment to the welfare of young women has saved hundreds from lives of despair and helped them grow from victims to victorious.