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Vale Father Brian Morrison

3 December 2009

The National Australia Day Council is saddened by the passing of Father Brian Morrison, Western Australia’s Senior Australian of the Year 2006.  Father Morrison passed away in Perth late yesterday aged 75, after battling cancer.
"The NADC has the fondest memories of Father Brian whose life-long dedication to others and unlimited spirit of giving touched all those who knew him - and even those who only knew of him," Tam Johnston, National Program Director said.
Father Brian moved to Western Australia 37 years ago to develop the Catholic Church's Crisis Care centre.  Among the centre's activities are the distribution of food to the homeless and needy and an annual Christmas Appeal.  In addition to his work with Western Australian communities, he travelled overseas extensively.  He made 30 trips to places such as East Timor, Bangladesh, Chechnya, Thailand and Iraq to help people in need, particularly children in some of the world’s most devastated areas.
Father Brian’s contributions to the community were many, but perhaps the most touching was the work he and his team conducted with children affected by the continuing impact of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  Father Morrison helped children suffering chronic and terminal cancers or malformations as a result of the contamination in the region in their darkest hours. He travelled to Chernobyl four times over 16 years to provide support and love to those who were shunned by many.
"Father Brian will be greatly missed, but his great Australian spirit will continue to inspire us all," said Ms Johnston.

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