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4 February 2016

The National Australia Day Council (NADC) advises the Australian of the Year Award does not place any restrictions on the business activities or personal choices of Award recipients.

For 56 years, the Australian of the Year Awards have recognised the efforts, achievements and contributions individuals make to Australian society. The Awards are given for work or contributions already made, many of which are above and beyond any professional or business related activity and have involved a great deal of personal commitment and personal time. 

There is no restriction on an Award recipient’s future activities, nor is there any expectation placed on Award recipients who are entitled to continue to live their lives, as they did prior to receiving the Award.

The Australian of the Year Award does not come with any financial remuneration from the NADC. On occasions when Award recipients take part in official events at the invitation of the NADC, the travel and accommodation costs associated with the invitation are covered by the National Australia Day Council.

The NADC is proud of 2016 Australian of the Year, David Morrison, as a leader of equality and diversity and as an individual who seeks to make a difference and continues to give his personal time and skills to non-profit organisations. 

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