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Reader's Digest trust Australians of the Year

23 June 2011

The Australian Reader's Digest Trust Survey asked more than 1000 Australians to rate 100 well-known people on how much they trust them, and half of the top 20 places are held by individuals who have featured prominently in Australian of the Year awards.

Fiona Stanley, public health specialist and Australian of the Year in 2003 was ranked most trustworthy whilst Ian Frazer, award winning immunologist, cancer researcher, and Australian of the Year in 2006 was ranked third most trusted. Other Australian of the Year Award recipients to feature include 5th placed Corporal Mark Donaldson (Young Australian of the Year 2010), 6th placed Fiona Wood (Australian of the Year 2005), 7th placed Simon McKeon (Australian of the Year 2011), 8th placed Father Chris Riley (NSW Australian of the Year 2003), 11th placed Tim Flannery (Australian of the Year 2007), 14th placed Ian Kiernan (Australian of the Year 1994 ), 18th placed Maggie Beer (Senior Australian of the Year 2010), and 19th placed Thomas Keneally (NSW Senior Australian of the Year 2004).

“The results are a testament to the calibre of the award recipients. We trust them and they make us proud.” said Warren Pearson AM, National Australia Day Council CEO

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