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Professor Tim Flannery talks about climate change at the National Press Club

19 July 2007

2007 Australian of the Year and environmentalist Professor Tim FlanneryTim Flannery is one of Australia's leading thinkers and writers on the global issue of climate change. He warned that the planet may have as little as 10 years to make significant change to avoid dangerous and irreversible damage to the environment.

Speaking to a full house, Professor Flannery urged Australians to demand targets for greenhouse gas emissions and urged everyone to demand much more detail about the government's greenhouse strategies.

"As a voter you have every right to hear the detail of how the carbon scheme will be implemented because it's such a critical element to our response to this very difficult problem", he said.

Professor Flannery also stated that Australia should be working to decrease its dependence on fossil fuel and "almost entirely decarbonising our economy by 2050" to ensure long term sustainability of the environment.

Australian of the Year 2007 Tim Flannery is dedicated to educating people in Australia and internationally about how human activity is drastically altering the Earth's climate and the effect this has on the environment.

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