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National Australia Day Council launches new Australian Citizenship Affirmation website

23 December 2009

The National Australia Day Council has launched a new Australian Citizenship Affirmation website, designed to encourage Australians to include a citizenship affirmation in their Australia Day celebrations, as a way of expressing loyalty and commitment to Australia.

The words of the affirmation are based on the pledge made by new Australian citizens. Australian’s who are born in Australia don’t get a chance to express what they feel about the country in this way. The Affirmation on Australia Day gives those Australians an opportunity to join new citizens in affirming their loyalty to our great nation and its people.

The new website explains the affirmation, why it is important and how you can use it. You can also download the affirmation card, order affirmation cards for ceremonies, watch a case study on using the affirmation and share with others how you have used the affirmation.

Visit this new website today at

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