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Jon Dee, NSW Australian of the Year 2010, wins battle to ban plastic bags in Tasmania

22 November 2010

A big win for Do Something! Directors NSW Australia of the Year 2010 Jon Dee and Australia’s Local Hero 2005 Ben Kearney with Tasmania set to ban plastic shopping bags within 12 months after a tri-partisan political alliance seven years in the making.

The move will make Tasmania just the second Australian State or Territory to impose a ban, after South Australia, and follows the lead seven years ago of Mr Kearny and Mr Dee, who in 2003 organised Australia’s first plastic bag ban in the Tasmanian town of Coles Bay. Since then the small town has stopped the use of 1.8 million plastic bags.

A lightweight plastic bag ban is already in place in SA and the NT and ACT announced recently that they will ban plastic checkout bags next year.

Australians use at least 4 billion plastic bags every single year. These bags take many hundreds of years to break down and when they enter the marine environment, can have a very significant impact on marine life. Do Something! is now calling on the Prime Minister to implement Labor’s 2007 promise to bring about a national ban on plastic checkout bags.

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