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It starts with us

10 April 2015

It starts with us

It's National Youth Week and the theme for 2015 is 'It starts with us'. Adam Mostogl, 2015 Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year, shares his thoughts on young Australians taking on the world.

I’m over people saying no to young people.

Each of us have so much creativity, energy and passion that we could all conquer the world, but for some reason people find it easier to say no and repress young people rather than say yes. I love working with people through my education programs to change this and say yes to young people and empower them, but often I and others are fighting an uphill battle. I do this through helping give young people the skills to start their own business, because starting a business and making your passion a job is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do, and it will only ever start with you.

Here’s one reason why this happens from my perspective: I think they are honestly scared of what we could do if we really put the effort in. But not only in our own strength, but with the support of mentors and wise advisors who we can call upon to make sure we are on track. There are a handful of young world changers across this planet who have completely changed the world and the way we work – but so many other revolutionary ideas have been repressed or shut down which could change the world, all because someone who was trusted said no out of selfish reasons.

I say embrace their fear and use it to keep you going. If you are making people uncomfortable because they think they should’ve thought of it first, then you shouldn’t give up. Get advice and support, and find people who will support you. Don’t be afraid to admit that you may not have the same level of experience as a 50 year old – but lean on their advice and take it on board, then rely on your creativity, energy and passion to get you ready to take on the world.

A brand new way of living could start with you.

A new business that changes your community or the world could start with you.

So when someone tells you no, find out why. If they are worried about what could happen if you started something exciting and say no out of fear, then move on and talk to others. Don’t take it on board as something to shut you down before you start. You might need to shift gears or refocus your attention, but just don’t stall and fall into a nose dive.

Absolutely anything can start with us. It’s up to you what that is.

I’m saying yes to what you want to start. Go for it, because the world is ready!

2015 National Nominee Young Australian of the Year

Adam Mostogl

Business mentor

In any given week, Adam Mostogl might be helping young entrepreneurs to kick-start their companies, stimulating small businesses to challenge the status quo, challenging communities to understand thei...

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