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Happy Australian Citizenship Day

17 September 2010

TODAY, 17 September, is Australian Citizenship Day and 2010 marks the 10th year we have formally celebrated this date on our calendar.

Many communities will celebrate the day with a special citizenship ceremony and 3600 people from 118 countries will become citizens at 69 ceremonies across Australia.

School children across the nation will also help to mark Australian Citizenship Day with several schools holding special affirmation ceremonies to celebrate.

In 2001, the day was introduced to provide an occasion for individuals, schools, community groups and organizations to celebrate and value the meaning of Australian citizenship.

Since then, the event has grown into an occasion where all of us have the chance to reflect on what it is to be Australian and what our country means to us.

It is an opportunity for all of us—whether Australian by birth or by choice—to reflect on the role we play in building our nation and shaping our country's future as proud Australian citizens.

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