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Go west, Young Oz

16 August 2007

Young Australian of the Year 2007 Tania Major with students at Croc Fest in Derby, WA.

Young Australian of the Year 2007 Tania Major travelled to Western Australia last week for a Tour of Honour around Perth and regional Western Australia.

Throughout the week, Tania visited a number of schools meeting teachers and students, and participated in a Reconciliation Walk as part of NAIDOC week activities. Tania emphasised the importance of culture and education in these remote and regional areas.

"Culture and education will broaden their perspectives and then allow these young people to go back into their communities and help others".

Whilst on tour Tania also attended Croc Fest in Derby. This year Croc Fest attracted 20,000 children from 450 remote and regional schools across Australia. For three days, the students attend sessions on careers, health and skills and talk to role models like Tania.

Tania believes that the festivals help children realise what is possible.

"I told the kids that I really hope they have a good time here. It's an opportunity for you to be exposed to other things and to find out what you can do."

Tania visited many remote and regional areas to meet with local communities, aboriginal community members and school students during her time in Western Australia. She wanted to demonstrate that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

"They come from really remote areas, there is nothing in these communities from what I have seen but I want them to know that if I can do it, then they can do it," Tania said.

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