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Can't decide who to vote for this weekend?

18 August 2010

As Australians struggle with the decision of who to vote for this coming Saturday, it may be easier to decide on who to nominate as Australian of the Year 2011.

National Australia Day Council Chairman Adam Gilchrist said Australians may have a better idea of who they want to be Australian of the Year than who they want to be Prime Minister.

“It seems there’s generally still some indecision around about who to vote for this weekend, but there’s always plenty of people who know who they want to be Australian of the Year for 2011,” said Gilchrist.

“As the deadline for nominations approaches, we’ve received more than 1300 nominations from people around the country who have a very clear idea of the people they admire and want to be considered for the Australian of the Year Awards 2011.

“Given we’ll all have our say on who we want to govern our nation by voting this Saturday, why not take the same opportunity to have a say on who you want to be Australian of the Year by submitting a nomination before it’s too late.”

The National Australia Day Council relies solely on nominations submitted by the public in its annual search for award recipients.

Nominations for Australian of the Year, Senior Australian of the Year, Young Australian of the Year and Australia’s Local Hero 2011 will close at midnight on Tuesday 31 August 2010.

Nominations can be made online at .au or by completing a form available at any branch of the program’s major sponsor the Commonwealth Bank
or call 1300 655 193 for more information.

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