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Australia's Local Hero 2009, Graeme Drew, continues his good work in sea safety & rescue

17 December 2009

This week Graeme Drew, Australia’s Local Hero 2009, installed new generation Silent Sentries in a number of locations around Albany, Western Australia.

A silent sentry is a coastal life saving device. The new Sentries include an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) that activates when buoys are removed, alerting Police via the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, so that they can immediately respond by contacting rescue crews.

The Sentries are being installed at Lowlands, The Deep, The Gap, Cave Point, Cable Beach and Blowholes in Western Australia.

“We are replacing Sentries already there. They will be installed and finished before Christmas,” Mr Drew said.

"The Sentries have saved three lives already."

This technology is also being taken to South Australia and New South Wales.

Graeme was named Australia’s Local Hero 2009 for his work in Sea Rescue and the Bremer Bay SES, encouraging water safety and promoting his love and respect of the ocean with the community.

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