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Australian of the Year Award recipients 2007 begin their Tour of Honour

27 June 2007

Australian of the Year Awards recipients 2007 with Prime Minister John HowardThe award recipients will visit Emerald, Thuringowa, Mount Isa and Cooktown to speak with senior high school students and share their thoughts on how anyone can achieve success and everyone can contribute to making Australia great.

Young Australian of the Year, Queenslander and young indigenous leader Tania Major said she was looking forward to showing her fellow award recipients the regional areas of her home state, meeting young people and helping them aspire to their dreams

"Tim, Shanaka and I are three very different examples of how you can not only achieve your goals, but how you can make a difference to people and to society at the same time," said Tania.

"It's important that young people, particularly those in regional and remote communities, not only believe they can do whatever they want, but that they have the chance to talk to people they see as role models and understand we're just like them.

"Its also important that we get out to communities, meet people, see what's happening in these areas and listen to people - that's how we all learn about each other and discover that we really are all Australian together."

Tania, climate crusader Professor Tim Flannery and social challenger Shanaka Fernando will meet with school students and community members and meet with the Kalkadoown Tribal Council. They will also tour the Mount Isa Mines and visit the Jimaylya Topys Harry Centre which is a key service and support centre of homeless indigenous people.

The Tour of Honour is a chance for these role models to meet local communities and share their inspirational stories.


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