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Australian of the Year 2009 Mick Dodson responds to the Victorian bushfires

10 February 2009

Like all Australians, I feel very keenly today for everyone involved in the fires, victims, their families and emergency services people, all still facing danger and uncertainty. My thoughts are with the people who have lost loved ones and I send them my deepest sympathy.

For those who have lost their homes and whose communities have been devastated, I hope that assistance of government and other parts of the Australian community will help for a speedy recovery.

Fires are a terrible reality of our country but that doesn't diminish the great pain when they happen. I am confident that Victorians and people all around the county will pull together and deal with this disaster in a typically Australian way, the way we always do in times of crisis.

Mick Dodson
Australian of the Year 2009

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